We, the College of Wooster Black Student Association, are conscious of our responsibility to strive for the abolishment of ignorance and prejudice based on race, color, and creed; we are mindful of the serious disabilities, restrictions, and oppression oppressed upon people of African origin by others by means of institutionalized or other forms of racism, as well as by means of cultural aggression and economic oppression; we abhor and oppose those laws, practices, and actions which seek to encourage, create, maintain, and/or exacerbate the painful divisions which plague our society ad which seek to divide and/or weaken our society so as to maintain, create, or intensify sectarian privileges based on racial, cultural, and other grounds; therefore-in adopting this charter, we pledge ourselves to the achievement of these aims and objectives. We will use the foundation set by our alumni to help expand our purpose to encompass not only people of African origin, but other diverse ethnicities so that our mission may reach to a broader campus community.





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